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“I feel heard & understood.”

“My counselor makes me feel understood, which has been amazing. I never thought I would feel that way.”

“My counselor’s incredibly compassionate listening has made me feel less isolated and alone in the world. I feel understood when I’m talking with her. I am forever grateful.”

“My whole life has changed in a matter of two years. I have matured emotionally and learned how to better deal with challenges that come my way. My relationships are improving, with myself, family and friends.”

“My counselor is truly amazing. I will forever be grateful for the help she offered me. The experience transformed my life for better. I feel more whole as a person, and I regained the strength which I had forgotten that I had for a long, long time before I met her. She is always warm and understanding, never rushing me or persuading me to reach my goals in my life or to become who I want to be. Always gentle and patient, her insights and knowledge about life always inspire me to go even further to reach a better place in my journey.”

“My counselor listens to me in a way that makes me feel heard. Her guidance empowers me.”

“The fee adjustment scale is the only reason I am able to afford counseling. And the quality and level of service provided is incredible; I am very grateful to the organization.”

“I got a good feeling about the Centers from the first phone call I made. I am so glad I found this place. I feel very comfortable coming here. I liked that my counselor not only listened to me, but made practical suggestions for me to take steps, take action towards my dreams.”

“My counselor gives me the tools and freedom to verbalize my feelings when I didn’t have a voice for so long.”

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