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**In accordance with state licensing laws, you must currently reside in Tennessee to be eligible for telehealth counseling sessions from Insight Counseling Centers.

Online therapy, also known as telehealth, can be a great option if you have transportation issues, unique scheduling concerns, or if you haven’t found a counselor nearby who meets your needs.

What is telehealth? Telehealth allows you to speak to a therapist in your home through a video conferencing application on your computer or mobile device. At Insight, we connect with clients through the popular app, Zoom.


Your therapist connects with you from a secure device in a private location, just like they do for in-person therapy sessions. Telehealth through Zoom is HIPAA compliant, with data in motion encrypted at the application layer using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).


Although Insight has eight office locations throughout Middle Tennessee, traveling to one of our offices isn’t feasible for everyone. If you can’t fit a traditional face-to-face therapy appointment into your schedule, or you haven’t found a therapist who works in your community, you can still meet with a professionally trained therapist who lives and works in Tennessee, who understands Tennessee’s social climate and can connect you to local community resources when needed.


Financial assistance is available through our income-based fee scale, and anyone may apply. We accept insurance on a limited basis. Contact us to learn more.


All therapists at Insight Counseling Centers are licensed by the state of Tennessee or are under supervision for licensure.


Research studies indicate that telehealth is equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings. Some people meet with their counselor through telehealth long term and others find that telehealth is a great first step. Your counselor can help you decide if in-person sessions would be beneficial for you at any point.

Telehealth for Your Mental Health Webinar

Insight Counselor, Amanda Gibson, answers questions about telehealth counseling sessions.

Get Started

Call 615-383-2115 x100 or contact us here. When you contact us, one of our trained Intake Practitioners will guide you through the process of scheduling with a counselor who meets your needs.

Meet Our Counselors

Cameron Presson - Insight Counseling Centers

Cameron Presson

Relationship issues
Young adulthood
Spiritual abuse & religious trauma
Stewart Everett - Insight Counseling Centers

Stewart Everett

Spiritual issues
Gender & sexuality
Anxiety & Depression
Rebeca Molina - Insight Counseling Centers

Rebeca Molina

Alli Crochet - Insight Counseling Centers

Alli Crochet

Spiritual issues
Relationship issues
Jordan Scales - Insight Counseling Centers

Jordan Malone

Premarital counseling
Relationship issues
Melane Stanwick - Insight Counseling Centers

Melane Stanwick

Relationship issues
Sexual problems
Spiritual issues

Hailley White

Self-image issues
Spiritual issues
Relationship issues
Yohana Temesghen, LMSW - Insight Counseling Centers

Yohana Temesghen

Anxiety & depression
Ed Barron - Insight Counseling Centers

Ed Barron

Children & family counseling
Addiction recovery
Marriage & divorce
Marlena Trees - Insight Counseling Centers

Marlena Trees

Emily Kerlin - Insight Counseling Centers

Emily Kerlin

Couples counseling
Pastors & church staff
Family counseling
Kimberly "Meadow" Alsobrook - Insight Counseling Centers

Kimberly “Meadow” Alsobrook

Relationship or sexual issues
Amanda Gibson - Insight Counseling Centers

Amanda Gibson

Gender & sexuality issues
Eating Disorders
Self-image issues
Monét Shell - Insight Counseling Centers

Monét Shell

Relationship conflict
Anxiety & depression
Self-worth/identity alignment
Amanda W. Myers - Insight Counseling Centers

Amanda W. Myers, Ph.D.

Life transitions
Obesity/weight loss surgery
Autism spectrum
James Owens - Insight Counseling Centers

James G. Owens

Relationship conflict
Hannah Feliciano - Insight Counseling Centers

Hannah Feliciano

Dr. Dwight Hughes - Insight Counseling Centers

Dwight Hughes

Grief & loss
Premarital counseling
Relationship issues/couples
Barbara Tamkin - Insight Counseling Centers

Barbara Tamkin

Life transitions
Anxiety & panic
Karen Potratz - Insight Counseling Centers

Karen Potratz

Depression & anxiety
Grief & trauma
Relationship issues
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