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Counseling For Individuals, Counseling For Couples, Counseling In Spanish, Counseling For Older Adults, Counseling For Senior Adults, Counseling For Young Adults, Counseling For Women, Counseling For Men, Counseling For Families

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Call 615-383-2115

To make a referral or schedule your first appointment, please call the Intake Department at 615-383-2115, extension 100.

Counseling For Individuals, Counseling For Couples, Counseling In Spanish, Counseling For Older Adults, Counseling For Senior Adults, Counseling For Young Adults, Counseling For Women, Counseling For Men, Counseling For Families, Counseling For Children And Adolescents

You are welcome here.

Whether you have been struggling with a particular issue for years or you just want to try to make your life a little better, we are here to help. Insight Counseling Centers has trained therapists who offer excellent and compassionate care. We work with you to strengthen your sense of self, build healthy relationships, and heal from past wounds.

Whatever has brought you to this point, whatever your background, culture, and beliefs, you will find acceptance here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for below, please contact us and we will help connect you with the best counselor for your needs.

Services We Offer

Insight Counseling Centers provides:

  • Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling in English and Spanish
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Counseling for Older Adults
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Telehealth Appointments

Los servicios disponibles en español.

People contact us for a variety of reasons. Our counselors have specialized training and experience to help with most of the issues we encounter; however, when it is necessary, we will work with clients to find appropriate help outside of our agency.

Scheduling Appointments

For questions about counseling or to schedule your first appointment, please call the Intake Department at 615.383.2115, ext. 100.

Reach us by email at or use the contact form on this site.

If you are seeking counseling and don’t know which counselor to see, request an appointment online by location, or call the Intake Department at 615.383.2115, ext. 100, and we will be pleased to answer your questions. The Intake Department is trained to connect you with the counselor who best meets your needs.

Fees & Financial Assistance

Insight Counseling Centers’ fee is $140 per counseling session (50 minutes).

Using Insurance
Insight contracts with some licensed therapists who are eligible for insurance payment and some who are “in network” with some insurance plans. If you would like to apply your mental health insurance benefits, please call the Intake line to discuss eligibility.

Income-based Fee Scale
Because of the generosity of individuals, foundations, and local congregations, we are able to offer financial assistance with our fee on an income-based scale. If you wish to apply for financial assistance, you will need to provide your previous year’s tax return (or your last 2 pay stubs) as proof of your income.

Click here to review our income-based fee scale.

If you would like to discuss your specific financial needs, please feel free to call our office at 615.383.2115 to talk to one of our Intake Practitioners.

Contacting Your Counselor

Contact your counselor by phone or email. All of our counselors receive immediate voicemail notifications and check their voicemail boxes very regularly. Please be assured that if you leave a message during the work week, your concern will be addressed promptly.

If you are in crisis, call the Family & Children’s Service 24/7 Crisis Line at 615.244.7444. If you are having an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Consejería en español

Ofrecemos nuestros servicios en español. Llame al 615.383.2115, extensión 2.

Patient Portal

If you’re a current client at Insight, you can access your Patient Portal account to fill out forms, see upcoming appointments, securely message your therapist, and make payments.


Areas of Specialty


Carol Smith, Director of Clinical Services & Training - Insight Counseling Centers

Carol Smith

LMFT, Director of Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Training
Clinical supervision
Life transitions
Monét Shell - Insight Counseling Centers

Monét Shell

LMFT, Director of Clinical Services
Relationship conflict
Anxiety & depression
Self-worth/identity alignment
Karen Potratz - Insight Counseling Centers

Karen Potratz

LCSW, Murfreesboro Center Director
Depression & anxiety
Grief & trauma
Relationship issues
Barbara Tamkin - Insight Counseling Centers

Barbara Tamkin

Life transitions
Anxiety & panic
Dr. Dwight Hughes - Insight Counseling Centers

Dwight Hughes

Grief & loss
Premarital counseling
Relationship issues/couples
Hannah Feliciano - Insight Counseling Centers

Hannah Feliciano

James Owens - Insight Counseling Centers

James G. Owens

Relationship conflict
Amanda W. Myers - Insight Counseling Centers

Amanda W. Myers, Ph.D.

Life transitions
Obesity/weight loss surgery
Autism spectrum
Amanda Gibson - Insight Counseling Centers

Amanda Gibson

Gender & sexuality issues
Eating Disorders
Self-image issues
Kimberly "Meadow" Alsobrook - Insight Counseling Centers

Kimberly “Meadow” Alsobrook

Relationship or sexual issues
Emily Kerlin - Insight Counseling Centers

Emily Kerlin

Couples counseling
Pastors & church staff
Family counseling
Ed Barron - Insight Counseling Centers

Ed Barron

Children & family counseling
Addiction recovery
Marriage & divorce

Hailley White

Self-image issues
Spiritual issues
Relationship issues
Melane Stanwick - Insight Counseling Centers

Melane Stanwick

Counseling Intern
Relationship issues
Sexual problems
Spiritual issues
Jordan Scales - Insight Counseling Centers

Jordan Malone

Counseling Intern
Premarital counseling
Relationship issues
Alli Crochet - Insight Counseling Centers

Alli Crochet

Counseling Intern
Spiritual issues
Relationship issues
Rebeca Molina - Insight Counseling Centers

Rebeca Molina

Cara Morelli - Insight Counseling Centers

Cara Morelli

Counseling Intern
Post-traumatic stress

Intake Department

Our Intake Department answers your questions and helps schedule your first counseling appointment.
Please give us a call at 615.383.2115, ext. 100.

Volunteer & Intern Intake Practitioners

Addy Young
Aemily Culpepper
Alli Crochet, Counseling Intern
Anne Shearer
Bushra Alammouri
Emily Kerlin, Counseling Intern

Hailey Johnson
Hailley White, Counseling Intern
Jordan Malone, Counseling Intern
Kaitlin Hamilton
Lettie Thym
Marlena Trees, Counseling Intern
Melane Stanwick, Counseling Intern

Counseling for families, counseling for older adults, counseling for senior adults, counseling for couples - Insight Counseling Centers
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