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Watch our Journey to Wholeness virtual program & fundraiser (presented on Sept. 23, 2021)


Insight Counseling Centers exists to restore lives to wholeness - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

To accomplish this important work we seek to…

  • Provide excellent professionally licensed psychotherapy to any individual, couple or family in our community.
  • Offer help and healing from a heart of compassion and personal faith that accepts and respects the beliefs of every individual with whom we work.
  • Raise and provide financial support to help those who cannot otherwise afford care.

Serving Middle Tennessee since 1985

Insight Counseling Centers, formerly known as the Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee, Inc., was formed in 1985 when a handful of visionary people from Vine Street Christian Church brought to fruition their dream of providing spiritually informed and psychologically sound counseling for the Nashville area. Now over 35 years later, we have grown to eight centers throughout Middle Tennessee and provide around 5,000 hours of counseling to individuals, couples, and families every year. In Spring of 2020, we added telehealth services to our counseling program and now serve clients in counties across the state of Tennessee.

In addition to counseling, we provide professional training opportunities and mental health awareness education.

A spiritually-integrated approach

Spiritually-integrated psychotherapy is a unique form of counseling that uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Our spiritually-integrative approach means that we treat the whole person, taking into account the client’s spiritual beliefs and faith tradition. Our therapists are specially trained and equipped to address spiritual concerns as well as mental and emotional issues. Spiritually-integrated psychotherapy is an interfaith discipline. Clients of all faith traditions, and those who claim no faith, are welcomed and accepted at Insight.

Core Values

Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Acceptance,
Inclusion, Diversity, Wholeness, Professionalism

The work of Insight Counseling Centers is grounded in the compassionate and healing nature of God. We are called to embody God’s healing presence to people of all faith traditions and those who claim no faith tradition. This means we seek to:

  • Meet each client, colleague, and student with compassion, respect, and honesty.
  • Accept and include each person as a reflection of the rich diversity of God’s creation.
  • Join with each client in their journey to wholeness, focusing on their needs, and going wherever their process of self-discovery and renewal leads.
  • Provide for each client the highest professional standards through rigorous training, certification, licensure, and peer consultation.

Board of Directors

Ms. Karen Montgomery, Chair
Ms. Mercedes Lytle, Vice Chair
Mr. Gary Briggs, Secretary
Ms. Lucy Carter, Treasurer
Mr. Russell Riebeling, Immediate Past Chair

Mr. Blake Bowman
Dr. Merriel Bullock Neal

Ms. Rise’ Hayes
Mr. Keith King
Rev. Dr. Thomas Kleinert
Mr. Joe McKnight
Ms. Edy Nash

Mr. Jared Porter
Ms. Bess Henderson, Emeritus
Mr. Wells Johnson, Emeritus

Administrative Staff

Pam Brown - Insight Counseling Centers

Pam Brown

Executive Director
Carol Smith, Director of Clinical Services & Training - Insight Counseling Centers

Carol Smith

LMFT, Director of Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Training
Monét Shell - Insight Counseling Centers

Monét Shell

LMFT, Director of Clinical Services
Abbie Culbertson, Director of Marketing & Communications - Insight Counseling Centers

Abbie Culbertson

Director of Marketing & Communications
Megan Kucenski - Insight Counseling Centers

Megan Kucenski

Administrative Assistant
Brydget Carrillo - Insight Counseling Centers

Brydget Carrillo

Financial Operations


Carol Smith, Director of Clinical Services & Training - Insight Counseling Centers

Carol Smith

LMFT, Director of Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Training
Monét Shell - Insight Counseling Centers

Monét Shell

LMFT, Director of Clinical Services
Karen Potratz - Insight Counseling Centers

Karen Potratz

LCSW, Murfreesboro Center Director
Barbara Tamkin - Insight Counseling Centers
Dr. Dwight Hughes - Insight Counseling Centers
Hannah Feliciano - Insight Counseling Centers
James Owens - Insight Counseling Centers
Amanda W. Myers - Insight Counseling Centers
Amanda Gibson - Insight Counseling Centers

Amanda Gibson

Kimberly "Meadow" Alsobrook - Insight Counseling Centers
Emily Kerlin - Insight Counseling Centers

Emily Kerlin

Ed Barron - Insight Counseling Centers

Ed Barron


Hailley White

Jordan Scales - Insight Counseling Centers

Jordan Malone

Counseling Intern
Rebeca Molina - Insight Counseling Centers

Rebeca Molina

Cara Morelli - Insight Counseling Centers

Cara Morelli

Counseling Intern
Elizabeth Bullard - Insight Counseling Centers

Elizabeth Bullard

Counseling Intern
Hansell Holt - Insight Counseling Centers

Hansell Holt

Joshua Medeiros - Insight Counseling Centers
Mart Sesler - Insight Counseling Centers

Mart Sesler

Counseling Intern
Anzlee Adams - Insight Counseling Centers

Anzlee Adams

Counseling Intern
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