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About Our Logo

Our emblem is in the style of a form called a Mobius strip. The 3-dimensional band of color flows from the outside of the circle to the inside of the circle and back out, seamlessly and endlessly.

In his book A Hidden Wholeness, author Parker Palmer uses the Mobius strip as a metaphor to illustrate wholeness:

Whatever is inside us continually flows outward to help form, or deform, the world — and whatever is outside us continually flows inward to help form, or deform, our lives. The Mobius strip is like life itself: here, ultimately, there is only one reality.

As adults, we carry… the burden of our failures, betrayals, and griefs; the challenges of our gifts, our skills, and our visions — and we must carry all of it consciously as we travel the Mobius strip.

We can survive, and even thrive, amid the complexities of adulthood by deepening our awareness of the endless inner-outer exchanges that shape us and our world and of the power we have to make choices about them. If we are to do so, we need spaces within us and between us that welcome the wisdom of the soul — which knows how to negotiate life on the Mobius strip with agility and grace.”

It is our greatest hope that Insight Counseling Centers is a place that welcomes the wisdom of the soul on the journey toward healing and wholeness.

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