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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Insight Counseling Centers

Insight Counseling Centers’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to benefit your employees with quality mental health counseling services.

How It Works

Each employee receives a number of counseling sessions determined and underwritten by the employer at a discounted rate. If the employee wishes to continue counseling services beyond the sessions underwritten by the employer, they may do so at an adjusted fee per Insight’s income-based fee scale.


“Insight Counseling Centers has been a tremendous blessing to The Hope Station and its clients. The diversity and knowledge of Insight’s counselors strongly influenced our decision to become and remain partners with the organization. Insight has changed the lives of nearly 100 women and children who may have otherwise not received mental wholeness support. The Hope Station looks forward to continuing this amazing partnership for years to come.” -Quintina Waller, Founder, The Hope Station

“The Porch Company has completed our first year as an EAP client of Insight. We offer the confidential counseling services of Insight to our employees as a benefit, knowing that an emotionally healthy person is better able to do their best work. Insight also works with our management team to successfully navigate difficult personnel problems. The wise and caring counsel that we have received has made all the difference! So worth the money! Thank you to the Insight team!” -Nancy Moore, Owner, The Porch Company

Request More Information

Call Pam Brown, Executive Director at 615.383.2115 ext. 108

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