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Wear Your Mood in May to Spark Conversation

If you wander by Art and Invention Gallery (1106 Woodland) in May, you might notice a new, large, wall installation. And unlike most (OK any) other displays you’ll see at the Gallery, you’re encouraged to run off with parts of this one.

Folks from Nashville’s Insight Counseling Centers are creating “mood walls” in nine different local neighborhoods, including ours, made up of 1,000 pins printed with different emotions. If you’d like, you can snag a pin that suits you, and pin it on to wear your mood, in a sense.

“The overall purpose of this campaign is to have an open and honest conversation around feelings and mental health,” Insight director of development Taylor Cochran tells us. The project comes during Mental Health Awareness Month, observed in May since the late ’40s.

If the wearing of moods sparks a desire to seek out someone to talk to, Insight is also offering a 25 percent first-session discount to folks who come by wearing their pin (they have locations throughout Middle Tennessee, from Hendersonville to Nashville to Franklin).

Green Hills, Berry Hill and 12 South are among the other neighborhoods that’ll be bearing a May mood wall.

While this is a serious topic, and a really cool way to draw attention to it, still wanna call dibs on all of the GRUMPYs.

Originally posted on The East Nashvillian Blog

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