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Something All New Clinicians Need

Written by Krystal LaCoy, MMFT

My time as a master’s intern at Insight Counseling Centers was a phenomenal experience. The first thing that stood out to me was the professional community that the other counselors, supervisors, and staff created. The second thing that stood out is the development opportunities provided by Insight.

The group and individual supervision that I received was instrumental in my development as a counselor. I was given the space to explore who I am as a counselor, as well as the guidance to improve my clinical skills. The group case consultation gave me the both the opportunity to learn from others with various clinical backgrounds and experience, as well as the challenge to present my own cases and accept feedback and instruction.  

During the second semester of internship, my husband got a job out of state. Even though my school gave me the option to find an internship in the other state, I decided to stay in Tennessee to finish my internship at Insight. I knew that I wouldn’t get the same experience anywhere else. At Insight, I found a supportive community, which is something all new clinicians need but rarely get. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to intern at Insight and to be a part of the important work Insight does in the community.

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