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Maggie’s Story

As a young adult out on her own, and after experiencing a disorienting family situation, Maggie discovered therapy as a path to wellness. Maggie found Insight Counseling Centers through a partnership with her place of employment.

Maggie’s Story Transcript

I think in my mind, people who needed therapy, you know, before I went to therapy, were people who just were sad all the time, really depressed. And I always just saw myself as someone who thought, ‘I can figure it out.’ You know, ‘I’ve made it work this far, so let me just continue doing so.’ 

I’m Maggie, and this is my story.

The nonprofit that I worked for when I moved up here, the program that I was participating in, they actually provided us with an option to go to therapy for a discounted rate, which was seriously an answer to my prayer. Growing up, being in my 20s, it’s like for me, I just don’t have parents who I can call and say, ‘Hey, how do I fix this flat tire on my car? Or do I say yes to this job? Do I go to grad school?’ All this stuff just floating around and all these decisions that I felt like I was supposed to know. So just having somebody who’s not a peer of mine, somebody who’s not in this situation with me, but they are trained professionally to help me work through some of this, but then also to help me realize that like I have the answers. 

I have way more confidence in making decisions and also making mistakes too, and knowing like it’s gonna be OK, and I’m gonna be OK. Knowing that overall, I’m going to be able to help a lot more people if I, myself, am healthier. And I think God honors the people who seek to be well. Therapy, and it being something that helps kind of bring together the spiritual aspect of healing and being whole, helped me to answer that question of ‘Do you want to be well?’… to answer it with a ‘yes’ and to actually mean it. 

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