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Ashley’s Story

Finding herself unhappy after moving to Nashville, Ashley decided she didn’t want to keep running from her issues.

Ashley’s Story Transcript

Before counseling, I was in a really unhappy place. I had moved to Nashville from Clarksville, so it was a pretty easy move. I was amazed at how downtrodden I became after coming here to Nashville. I developed poor relationships with people and partners. I think it was just one of those times of life where all the weight of what’s been going on, up to that point, just came crashing down. For me, at least, it was like, “Darn it, I need to try something because I can’t keep continuing like this.” 

My name is Ashley, and this is my story.

Yes, it was like a kind of quarter-life crisis because I was unhappy, repeatedly thinking over different traumas in life, and thinking over just how unhappy I was where I was. Then also knowing I have so much capability to change this for myself. Why am I not doing that? 

Right when I hit about 24, that’s when I was like, “Holy smokes, something has got to give. Something has got to change, and I don’t want to keep running from my issues.” You look at those around you, you see how unhappy they are, you see how they carry the weight of their life. You can see it on them, and that was me. I didn’t want to be burdened by those things in my life anymore. I just wanted to, in a sense, be at peace and be set free, not be defined by it. 

Since then, I have been with my counselor for just shy of two years, which is pretty crazy for me to even commit to much of anything for a full two years. I think that, in itself, speaks for the value that I got. I’ve been able to access parts of myself that I feel have been so pushed away into the corners of my mind.

The sliding scale was hugely important to me at that time of life. I knew that I needed to see a counselor for myself, but I also knew that I didn’t have boatloads of money that I felt like I could invest into this avenue of self-growth. 

I have found immense value in what I have gotten through Insight, and who I am today, almost two years later from the start to now, is the best version of myself that the world has ever seen. And it just feels really good. 

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