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Kayla’s Story

First-time therapy client, Kayla, was amazed at how meeting with her therapist at Insight Counseling Centers improved her life and relationships!

Kayla’s Story Transcript

I’m originally from Indiana – Fort Wayne, most people don’t know it. I’m the first-born and only daughter; I have two brothers, and we’re stair stepped, so they’re like a year and two years apart. We all grew up real close. What keeps me busy? I love reading. I’m definitely a homebody, especially with COVID. 

My name is Kayla, and this is my story. 

What was life like before therapy?  

It was pretty reckless. I was drinking a lot, but not like alcoholic levels. It was manageable, of course, just when I went out, I didn’t know my limit. I would always pass my limit. So pretty reckless. My partners were not good partners. Yeah, I didn’t really have a relationship with my mom. 

How did you find Insight Counseling Centers?  

I met a new friend, and she was saying how she went to therapy, and I was like, “Wait, people go to therapy in real life?” She’s like, “Yeah,” and I’m like, “Isn’t that really expensive?” And she was like, “No, it’s income-based.” I was like, “Is it?!” She gave me this app, “Therapy for Black Girls.” So, I found Monet and then just emailed her. She had to be the same race as me and had to be older than me. I looked at her website, or read her background, and I was like, “Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for, somebody to just help me grow.” 

She had me crying in the first session. I can’t even cry to myself, just by myself, I cannot cry. She says something, and I started bawling. “Oh my gosh, this makes so much sense.” The fact that she did this in less than 45 minutes, and this has been disrupting my whole life, she was wonderful. That happened every time I was in a session. I’m not lying; it all made sense, why was I the way I was. As soon as she would point something out, I was like, “Oh yeah, this gotta go. This behavior gotta go. I can’t do that anymore,” and I just applied it to my life, and life started getting better. 

How has your life improved?  

Oh, less drinking. Definitely less drinking. I know my limits now. And I really don’t even drink that often, it kind of was just like an escape mechanism, but now it’s like, “What are you escaping from? Life is good.” I can say no now to people, especially guys. Now it’s just like, “Wait, no, I’m good,” or “I have a five-date rule,” or “No, you can’t come over. We can meet in public, but you’re not going to come over.” I have a relationship with my mother now, and that was a big one for me because I really wasn’t my momma’s biggest fan, but going to therapy made me realize she was only doing the best she could. 

 Therapy is great; everybody should do this! 

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