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Leslie’s Story

Leslie’s Story Transcript

My marriage of 27 years was collapsing. My husband and I could no longer communicate, and a good close friend of mine told me about Insight. I felt really inspired, touched by the Holy Spirit, to give it a try. I felt emotionally paralyzed and very stuck dealing with the problems in our marriage, which led to incredible frustration. Dealing with it on our own only made the situation worse. 

The first session was really refreshing, which I didn’t expect. I thought we would be nervous, but the counselor was so gentle and calming. He led us to talk about what we were disappointed in with each other, and it was very nice and comfortable. Insight gave us a safe place to discuss our disappointments with each other. We learned communication skills, how to listen, and how to speak without judgment and disdain. We learned to stop blaming each other. 

We took these skills home and practiced them throughout the week, and as you do that and then go back, it’s like working out; you get a little stronger and a little stronger. One evening, as I was coming home, I realized that my disdain for coming home and going through the door had lifted and disappeared. We were communicating without hostility, disapproval, or judgment, and our negative voices had been replaced with a more loving and accepting home environment. 

I feel like I have been freed from a prison cell, and I feel so open. I’m free to speak with my husband without fearing disdain or an argument. We have come back to having love and respect for each other, and it’s like a new beginning.

For me, wholeness looks like enjoying every day on earth, cherishing the relationships in your life, and finding joy in everyday activities. It’s being grateful to God and seeing life from a positive perspective, trying to align with Christ and appreciating the beauty of life as He created it. 

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