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Three Questions with Monét Shell

What drew you to the field of counseling?

I wanted to be able to better serve the people I worked with. At that time, I worked in Human Resources and interacted with several hundred people per week. I chose Psychology as my minor as I pursued an undergraduate degree. After my first semester, I knew that learning how and why people interact the way that we do was more than an add-on. I needed to receive all of the knowledge that I could, so I changed my major to Psychology. In my second semester as an undergraduate student, I could not have known exactly how a career applying all of this knowledge would look, but it has evolved into the passion to help people learn to engage with themselves and others in a way that reduces harm.

What do you love about Insight Counseling Centers?

The feeling of community. I moved to Nashville without knowing anyone, so I am sure that community was a benefit I didn’t know I needed. In the interview process for my internship at Insight, I was interviewed with another potential candidate. We were both warmly welcomed and the feel of community began there. It continued as I attended weekly meetings and learned more about the people I would work alongside. I would discover how much everyone advocated for each other and for current and potential clients. That feeling has remained as my relationships have grown with therapists and staff and as I have been able to partake in Insight’s community outreach.

What opportunities are you excited for in 2022?

I am excited to explore all the ways I can help sustain Insight’s legacy of community with therapists and clients. In these last few years, due to the pandemic, many people have carried so many burdens with the feeling of being on their own, and I want those I connect with to understand that they do not have do life alone.

Our administrative and therapy team have been chosen with such care and intention that we work very well together. I will fill in wherever I am needed and however I can.

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