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This is the most popular 2023 New Year’s resolution in Tennessee

Last month, the job search website, Zippia, released results of a survey showing the most popular 2023 New Year’s resolutions, by state. I expected Tennessee’s top resolution to be “stop smoking,” “lose weight,” or “exercise more.” I was pleasantly surprised to see that along with 11 other states, Tennessee’s top resolution for 2023 is “therapy.”

While we can debate the effectiveness of new year’s resolutions (studies tell us most are forgotten by Valentine’s Day), the fact that beginning therapy topped the list gives me hope. You see, when I hit the speaking circuit on behalf of Insight Counseling Centers, I ask audience members to make a personal commitment to help destigmatize talking about mental health issues and seeking therapy.

Pre-pandemic, it was suggested that 20% of the population was experiencing a mental health concern. During the height of the pandemic through today, the percentage is closer to 40%, and I personally believe that is under-estimated. We know that as many as 60% of those who are experiencing mental health concerns do not seek help. Two reasons are cited for this: cost and stigma. It is imperative that, as a society, we stop shaming people who are trying to navigate depression, anxiety, trauma, and any other issue. Stigma can only be eliminated by compassion.

As for the cost of therapy, Insight Counseling Centers offers a generous income-based fee scale to make quality therapy as affordable as possible. And thanks to telehealth, we are now a state-wide organization.

The chances are great that you know and love someone who is quietly struggling. Please be the “safe person” who lets them know it ok to not be ok. And please invite them to reach out for help.

Happy New Year and take care,

Pam Brown, Executive Director
Insight Counseling Centers

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