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“The mission of the organization inspired me to get involved. A significant portion of the population suffers from mental and emotional disorders, and, unfortunately, only the very fortunate can afford or find help. There’s a substantial need to make services available to all, regardless of socioeconomic status.  We need to ensure all have access to help, and Insight Counseling Centers is here to give that access and fill this need.”

Insight Counseling Centers' Board Member Wells Johnson

“What continues to inspire me is the transformative work done at Insight Counseling Centers. It is a much needed contribution to the wellbeing of individuals, families, and the community, and I find it personally rewarding to have a small part in it. The work of Insight Counseling is not highly visible, but I know from individual stories that it is profoundly transformative.”

Insight Counseling Centers' Board Member Thomas Kleinert

“The work of Insight Counseling Centers touches the lives of people in a significant, impactful way, so they can move forward and live a complete life: with work, with family, and in the community.”

Insight Counseling Centers Supporter Lydia Cox

“If you love humanity, you want people to reach their full potential. They can’t reach their full potential unless they have the right resources. Insight Counseling Centers is a resource that I respect and would refer family to, because I have.”

Insight Counseling Centers Murfreesboro Advisory Council Member Dr. Judy Campbell

“I was inspired to get involved with Insight Counseling Centers because I’m familiar with how important it is to have mental health care for an underserved area. Murfreesboro has been on the underserved side. Having this service is a way to help those who don’t have insurance or can’t afford it.”


Insight Counseling Centers Murfreesboro Advisory Council Member Jennifer McGuire

“I am proud to be a small part of an organization that can benefit so many people. Whether the rewards of the work benefit the individual, family, church, or community, everyone benefits from the work that is being done each day at Insight Counseling Centers. The services provided expand to so many groups assisting them mentally and emotionally. It amazes me what can be done.”


Insight Counseling Centers Board Member Gary Briggs

“Insight Counseling Centers enacts respect for all religious backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and each individual. I believe in mental health counseling. I believe in the benefits of it and that there should be access for more people.”

Insight Counseling Centers Board Member Anne Laurence Johnson
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