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Insight’s Nashville office has moved!

Beginning July 26, 2017, we will see Nashville clients out of interim office space at Brook Hollow Baptist Church and Seton Lodge at Saint Thomas West Hospital.


Phone: 615.383.2115, ext. 100

Hosted by Brook Hollow Baptist Church

Additionally, we have one counseling office located on the main bus line at Seton Lodge on the campus of Saint Thomas West Hospital.


Carol Smith, Director of Clinical Services & Training - Insight Counseling Centers

Carol Smith

Director of Clinical Services & Training
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
615.383.2115, ext. 112
Barbara Tamkin - Insight Counseling Centers

Barbara Tamkin

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 615.383.2115, ext. 104
Jeremy Sublett, LPC-MHSP - Insight Counseling Centers

Jeremy Sublett

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-MHSP)
615.383.2115, ext. 102
Dr. Dwight Hughes - Insight Counseling Centers

Dwight Hughes

615.383.2115, ext. 117
Dr. Adrianne McKeon - Insight Counseling Centers

Adrianne McKeon

615.383.2115, ext. 124
Kimberly Kimball - Insight Counseling Centers

Kimberly Kimball

Counseling Intern
615.383.2115, ext. 120
Leslin Ossoff - Insight Counseling Centers

Leslin Ossoff

Counseling Intern
615.383.2115, ext. 119
Rachel Wilson - Insight Counseling Centers

Rachel Wilson

Counseling Intern
615.383.2115, ext. 118
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