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Focusing on the Future: Men’s Mental Health

Hi! I’m Richard Gutierrez. I specialize in men’s mental health, and I’m a clinical mental health counselor.

I believe in focusing on the future instead of the past. I like to encourage my clients to work on finding the exceptions to the negatives in their stories, building on those exceptions in the present, and growing with them.

Overall, the counseling process has 3 major steps:

  1. Learning who and where we are in the here and now.
  2. Understanding how major events of our past put us on the track we’re on.
  3. Accepting that if our past made us who we are today, then we have the ability to make the future we want by our choices today.

Our choices today are the past for our future selves.

For questions about counseling or to schedule your first appointment, please call us at 615-383-2115 x100 or contact us online.

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