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2020 was full of challenges. First there were tornadoes that devastated large swaths of Middle Tennessee, followed two days later by the first COVID-19 case in the area. In the spring, horrible, painful images surfaced which led to a long-overdue national conversation about race; an issue that is far from resolved. And on Christmas Day, a suicide bomber did the unthinkable in downtown Nashville, devastating residents and businesses.

We still have a long way to go, but one of 2020’s silver linings is that mental health issues are becoming less stigmatized. People who never thought they would enter therapy are now doing so. In fact, Insight provided more sessions in 2020 than in 2019. Imagine the positive effect this will have on society as people feel less and less shame about asking for help.


Throughout a tough year, Insight’s therapists, board, staff, and supporters were unwavering in their dedication to the mission of restoring lives to wholeness – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are some highlights of what we accomplished together in 2020:

Telehealth allows convenient access to therapy for clients who have unique scheduling concerns, transportation issues, or who struggle to find quality, affordable counseling in their area. The forward-thinking team of staff, board, and therapists who worked on Insight’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan selected offering telehealth as one of the agency’s objectives. We planned to roll out telehealth services beginning Fall 2020; however, when the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Middle Tennessee, we quickly adjusted to meet urgent needs and began offering telehealth sessions in March.

Insight received COVID-19 Response Funds from United Way of Greater Nashville (UWGN) and United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties (UWRCC). We are so grateful to both UWGN and UWRCC for granting funds to support clients who experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19. Because of these funds, people who lost their jobs during the pandemic received quality and compassionate mental health counseling.

Insight began hosting a new 30-hour training program for mental health professionals and graduate students on working with clients’ spirituality in session. The Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Training Program was developed by ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education and consists of 10 three-hour courses. Participants who complete the 30-hour curriculum are eligible to pursue certification in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy by completing 20 hours of consultation with an ACPE SIP Trainer. The pilot training program at Insight Counseling Centers began November 2020 and is taught by ACPE SIP Trainer, Carol T. Smith, Insight’s clinical and training director.

Volunteer/Intern Intake Practitioners (VIPs) assist new clients, support our therapists, and gain experience in the setting of a non-profit counseling center. They share a passion for mental health care and find joy in serving others. These dedicated volunteers look forward each week to connecting people with therapists who can meet their needs. Prior to COVID-19 cases in Middle Tennessee, VIPs worked alongside Insight staff in our Nashville office at Seton Lodge. During Summer, we introduced our first class of virtual volunteers. We’re grateful to the volunteers and staff who made the switch to remote volunteering a success!

“My self-esteem has improved significantly, I look at events in my past differently, I have more boundaries in my relationships and I believe I am more self-aware. My relationships have improved significantly both with myself and others. I was able to leave a stressful job and start a new one. I'm able to speak my truth better and take care of myself better in general.”
Counseling Sessions
Clients Served
Clients using Income-based Fee
"I'm learning how to work through grief, overcome codependency, self-soothe when struggling with situations that are out of my control, and explore other ways I can improve my quality of life with pursuits and people that enrich and empower me."

According to the 2020 Client Satisfaction Survey...

100% responded that they are satisfied with the service they’ve received from Insight Counseling Centers, with 82% responding they’re completely satisfied.

100% of clients who responded agreed that their counselor addressed the concerns they brought into counseling.

And 100% feel that their counselor genuinely cares about them and their concerns.

“I have been sober for over a year, feel I have a safe space for my need to express my concerns and worries, and have been given tools to address my anxiety in a healthy and progressive way.”

95% of clients who responded to the survey felt satisfied or completely satisfied that their spirituality was respected by their counselor, with the remaining 5% reporting that the question wasn’t applicable to them.

Download the one-page summary PDF of this report here

2020 Board of Directors

Mr. Russell Riebeling, Chair
Mr. Joe McKnight, Vice Chair
Mr. Wells Johnson, Secretary
Ms. Karen Montgomery, Treasurer
Mr. Gary Briggs
Rev. Dr. Thomas Kleinert
Mr. Jared Porter
Ms. Mercedes Lytle
Rev. Steven Meriwether
Ms. Lucy Carter

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