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In the Aftermath of a Tragedy

It might seem counter intuitive, but the easiest time for those struck by tragedy can be in the immediate aftermath. Environmentally or socially, communities rally around those affected with an outpouring of support and resources. Psychologically, overwhelming circumstances are met with numbing and shutdown in the individuals affected, like an in-built pain killing mechanism. However, just as with medication, it wears off. It is in this readjustment period that the brunt of the tragedy is understood, and the scope of…


Art Therapy for Refugee Students

Insight Counseling Centers to provide support to Tusculum Elementary refugee students Nashville’s refugee children face challenges associated with adjusting to a new culture. Sadly, many of them have experienced traumatic events as a result of living in war-torn countries. Classroom teachers have limited access to resources to help the sensitive needs of this population. Insight Counseling Centers is providing play therapy to Tusculum Elementary refugee students in grades one through four. Through creative art activities, Insight’s counselors will teach life…

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