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Leaning into Your Strengths & Resources

When life gets difficult, where do you find peace and hope? What sustains you? Is there anybody who truly understands your situation? All of us have strengths and resources we use to get through hard times, to feel good, and to flourish. Taking time to identify and remember these resources will benefit your mental health! Leaning into your strengths Your strengths are your internal resources, and they are always with you. Leaning into your strengths is just a matter of…


Teletherapy Services at Insight

We’re here for you. Insight is offering quality and compassionate mental health counseling services via teletherapy. Our therapists are available to help with anxiety, depression, grief & loss, trauma, and relationship issues, among others, or to assist you in processing the rapidly unfolding current events. Teletherapy allows you to speak to a therapist in the safety and comfort of your home. We are able to provide this service to anyone in the state of Tennessee. When you reach out to schedule…

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