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Myths about Grief Dr. Dwight Hughes, therapist, does some myth-busting of the myths about grief. Watch the whole conversation: Grief, Loss, and the Holidays recorded webinar. Myths about Grief Transcript Well, I'm sure there are numerous myths. I'd like to bring our attention to five of them:  Grief is the same for everyone - Resoundingly not true. Some people cry, some run, literally or figuratively. Some laugh, some busy themselves. Not to mention the influence of one's cultural location and the impact…


Finding Gratitude, Even in Grief?

Written by Jared Porter Several years ago, on a Saturday, I went for a walk at Nashville’s scenic Percy Warner Park. There’s just something rejuvenating about trees, birds, squirrels, and trickling water. I don’t do it often enough, but that day, I made time for it. Up the long, winding path I went, around a bend, trees overhead, nature all around me. Every step was taking me closer to Something. I didn’t know what, but for me, that’s part of…

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