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Finding Gratitude, Even in Grief?

Written by Jared Porter Several years ago, on a Saturday, I went for a walk at Nashville’s scenic Percy Warner Park. There’s just something rejuvenating about trees, birds, squirrels, and trickling water. I don’t do it often enough, but that day, I made time for it. Up the long, winding path I went, around a bend, trees overhead, nature all around me. Every step was taking me closer to Something. I didn’t know what, but for me, that’s part of…


Good Friendships Improve Your Mental Health

Written by Bailey Huckaby I will never forget the moment my best friend Cassie looked at me and said, “You are depressed, and I’m tired of us not talking about it.” I was shocked. I had spent the last several months trying to portray the positive, upbeat person that most of my friends knew me to be. I was determined to keep up the façade that everything was great, I was happy, I was okay. For the most part, it…


“People want to be remembered.”

Written by Pam Brown, ACC, CFRE Last week I visited with a long-time supporter of Insight Counseling Centers. Her support goes all the way back to our agency’s founding more than 30 years ago. Insight recently received a shipment of coffee mugs and I wanted her to have one. I put together an arrangement of flowers and greenery from my garden so that the mug could serve as a cute little vase. When I arrived at the appointed time, her…


The Integration Podcast Sponsored by Insight Counseling Centers

Insight Counseling Centers is proud to sponsor The Integration Podcast, a place to discuss difficult but relevant topics, where issues of spirituality, psychology, the arts, and society all intersect. The Integration Podcast is hosted by Hannah Feliciano and Eric Schaefer. The inaugural episode features an interview with therapists Carol Smith and Dwight Hughes on the topic of spiritually-integrative mental health counseling. Listen to the episode above, and find more information at You can also listen and subscribe to The…


Holding Hope

During counseling sessions, as Pastoral Counselors, we are always listening for our clients’ source of ultimate hope. Hope is what will help a client get better, and knowing the source of hope helps us navigate to a place of healing. In the case of a client who has attempted suicide, it is essential to know the source of hope which keeps them grounded. One client, Beth*, came to Insight Counseling Centers referred by a good friend who saw that she…

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