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Mary’s Story When Mary moved from Philadelphia to Nashville, she knew she needed to find a new therapist who could help end the cycles of pain from her childhood wounds. Mary's Story Transcript I recently saw a photo on Instagram. Its heading says, 'This is what depression looks like,' and underneath it had photos of celebrities that have committed suicide: Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Lee Thompson Young. What was jarring was the contrast between their smiling faces and the struggles that…


Survivors of Suicide: Moving Through Grief

It is estimated that over 40,000 deaths by suicide occur in the United States every year. Suicide leaves in its wake a host of family, friends, and others affected by tremendous and sudden loss. How can these survivors of tragedy move forward with their lives? First must come the understanding that one will never "get over" such a loss. Rather, the aim is to "get through" it, accepting that life as you have known it is forever altered. In fact,…

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