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Leslie’s Story Leslie's Story Transcript My marriage of 27 years was collapsing. My husband and I could no longer communicate, and a good close friend of mine told me about Insight. I felt really inspired, touched by the Holy Spirit, to give it a try. I felt emotionally paralyzed and very stuck dealing with the problems in our marriage, which led to incredible frustration. Dealing with it on our own only made the situation worse.  The first session was really refreshing,…


The Keys to a Healthy Relationship

What does it take to have a healthy relationship? We asked our experienced couples’ therapists and discovered some key areas of focus to grow our relationship skills. In healthy romantic partnerships, both parties feel safe to be vulnerable with each other because their intimate relational needs are known and nourished, versus shut down or cut off.  Essentially, partners are respected and assured they can count on the other. Most people think of romance as sending flowers or preparing a fancy…


Six Core Principles of a Healthy Couple

Accept each other: When we fall in love, we usually gravitate toward someone who is like us in some ways but different in others. At first this attraction seems ideal, but within about 6-18 months of the relationship the differences will initiate conflict. It is important to normalize these differences and to accept each other, warts and all. Be vulnerable: Assuming the relationship is safe, sharing tender, vulnerable emotions beneath anger and strife can help soften interchanges and keep the…

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