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Kayla’s Story First-time therapy client, Kayla, was amazed at how meeting with her therapist at Insight Counseling Centers improved her life and relationships! Kayla's Story Transcript I’m originally from Indiana – Fort Wayne, most people don't know it. I'm the first-born and only daughter; I have two brothers, and we're stair stepped, so they're like a year and two years apart. We all grew up real close. What keeps me busy? I love reading. I'm definitely a homebody, especially with COVID. …


The Keys to a Healthy Relationship

What does it take to have a healthy relationship? We asked our experienced couples’ therapists and discovered some key areas of focus to grow our relationship skills. In healthy romantic partnerships, both parties feel safe to be vulnerable with each other because their intimate relational needs are known and nourished, versus shut down or cut off.  Essentially, partners are respected and assured they can count on the other. Most people think of romance as sending flowers or preparing a fancy…

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