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Good Friendships Improve Your Mental Health

Written by Bailey Huckaby I will never forget the moment my best friend Cassie looked at me and said, “You are depressed, and I’m tired of us not talking about it.” I was shocked. I had spent the last several months trying to portray the positive, upbeat person that most of my friends knew me to be. I was determined to keep up the façade that everything was great, I was happy, I was okay. For the most part, it…


What helps us through Depression?

“…This incredibly isolating experience called ‘depression’—and it’s isolating to a greater extent than I imagined survivable—ultimately reconnects you with the human community in a deeper, wider, and richer way.” -Author, Parker Palmer, on making meaning after depression. Depression is common, but the experience of depression doesn’t feel common. In depression, you feel lonely, isolated, overwhelmed, and afraid. This state of being is exhausting. The everyday tasks of maintaining your life become unbearably painful. Vitality is lost and you feel like…


Ask a Therapist: Depression

Millions of individuals in the U.S. each year suffer from depression, making it one of the most prevalent mental health concerns. It’s likely that you know and love someone who is affected by it. Maybe you have experienced firsthand some of the symptoms, when handling daily activities becomes a struggle, affecting every aspect of your life. Depression robs individuals of joy and fulfillment. Insight Counseling Centers helps clients recognize and utilize effective tools to work through depression. Brooke Lamb, MMFT,…


Holding Hope

During counseling sessions, as Pastoral Counselors, we are always listening for our clients’ source of ultimate hope. Hope is what will help a client get better, and knowing the source of hope helps us navigate to a place of healing. In the case of a client who has attempted suicide, it is essential to know the source of hope which keeps them grounded. One client, Beth*, came to Insight Counseling Centers referred by a good friend who saw that she…

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