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This is the most popular 2023 New Year’s resolution in Tennessee

Last month, the job search website, Zippia, released results of a survey showing the most popular 2023 New Year’s resolutions, by state. I expected Tennessee’s top resolution to be “stop smoking,” “lose weight,” or “exercise more.” I was pleasantly surprised to see that along with 11 other states, Tennessee’s top resolution for 2023 is “therapy.” While we can debate the effectiveness of new year's resolutions (studies tell us most are forgotten by Valentine’s Day), the fact that beginning therapy topped…


Holding Hope

During counseling sessions, as therapists practicing Spiritually-integrative Psychotherapy, we are always listening for our clients’ source of ultimate hope. Hope is what will help a client get better, and knowing the source of hope helps us navigate to a place of healing. In the case of a client who has attempted suicide, it is essential to know the source of hope which keeps them grounded. One client, Beth*, came to Insight Counseling Centers referred by a good friend who saw…

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