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Three Questions with Monét Shell

What drew you to the field of counseling? I wanted to be able to better serve the people I worked with. At that time, I worked in Human Resources and interacted with several hundred people per week. I chose Psychology as my minor as I pursued an undergraduate degree. After my first semester, I knew that learning how and why people interact the way that we do was more than an add-on. I needed to receive all of the knowledge…


Monét Shell Named Director of Clinical Services

Insight Counseling Centers is pleased to announce the selection of Monét C. Shell as Director of Clinical Services beginning January 2022. Monét is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a graduate of Lipscomb University, where she earned a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy. Her relationship with Insight Counseling Centers began with a Master’s-level clinical internship and continued with a contract therapist position after earning her degree. Monét joins Executive Director, Pam Brown, and Director of Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy Training,…


Kayla’s Story First-time therapy client, Kayla, was amazed at how meeting with her therapist at Insight Counseling Centers improved her life and relationships! Kayla's Story Transcript I’m originally from Indiana – Fort Wayne, most people don't know it. I'm the first-born and only daughter; I have two brothers, and we're stair stepped, so they're like a year and two years apart. We all grew up real close. What keeps me busy? I love reading. I'm definitely a homebody, especially with COVID. …

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